Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why we need to take Nutrilite protein with green tea?

Why we need to take Nutrilite protein Powder with green tea?

Nutrilite protein with green tea is a high quality green tea flavoured protein drink

It contains three types of green tea:

• Green tea extracts

• Instant green tea

• Whole green tea leaves

This green tea helps lot to us. As we know green tea is very good for Heart. If we take this products regularly we can be saved from Heart problem.
It makes us very energetic and make our mind very clear

The below mentioned are some of the common health benefits you can experience by drinking green tea. The origin of tea is China, and it was reveled by the Royal Leader Shen Nong in the year of 2700B.C.

Long Life:

Green tea has the power to avoid sudden dismissals from any reason, particularly heart related problems like cardiovascular diseases.

Japanese scientists proved that those who are drinking more than 5 glasses of green tea every day are at the safer side from the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
Enhanced memory and wisdom capacity:

Drinking green tea regularly is very helpful to develop your memory power and knowledge. The cognitive system will develop while drinking green tea. Polyphenols, the major component in green tea helps to improve your Brain function. The participation of epigalochtechin-3 gallate, the powerful antioxidant is very high in green tea.
Thats why we have to take this product which gives us Protein values , Calcium and green tea values

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